When is the last time someone looked at you?  I don’t mean some rudimentary acknowledgement or some other mundane look like “yeah I see you there.”  Or a quizzical look that says, “what’s your deal, mister?” And I certainly am not referring to some stalkerish dead eyed star.

The kind of look I remember and long for is that look that is so hard and sharp at you it stops you cold.  The look that makes any string of words superfluous.  The kind of look that says “I know.”

It’s one of those little things we never seem to appreciate and yet we miss so much when it’s gone.  It’s the unspoken communication that we  long for so much when it is amiss.  Just knowing someone knows you in so many ways and can express it to you with saying a single word is comforting on a level beyond comprehension.  The burdens of explanation and expression shrugged off in a sudden glance.  When someone knows you so well words aren’t necessary.

Communication may be the cornerstone of most relationships.  But it has nothing on silence.

We may go on and on about comfortable silences and how it is a unparalleled sign of our comfort level with each other.  Yet, It’s a sign that you’re barely able to coexist without speaking if you must acknowledge it in the first place.  Words are often filler for discomfort and uncertainty.

I am referring to the muted communications that say so much.  A quick glance.  A subtle brush against your arm that last a beat too long.  The knowing stare into your eyes, wild desire bursting from your pupils, so powerful you can feel it in your soul.  Stuff like that.

As is the case with most matters of the heart, it can as much a curse as it is a heart stopping moment of pure bliss.  For, when someone knows you so well, on a deeper level than anyone else ever has, it can become a weapon of immeasurable power.  Allowing someone in and giving up that much power is both romantic and risky.

Words are  our enemy.  They get in the way and often minimize how we really feel.  People are too careful to say what they really think.  But, looks; looks don’t lie.  Wordless forms of communication mean more than any flowery poem or passionate declaration of commitment.


22 thoughts on “Look At Me

  1. A wonderful read, Mr Wayne. And yes, I agree; that kind of knowing (both ways) is a joy. Wordless communication, like a picture, can tell a thousand words…

  2. A great post on an issue that social media is influencing every day and everywhere. Look up from your screens! I like this quote from George Bernard Shaw “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

  3. Thank you Ashby! I had not heard that quote before. But, I like it. It is a very appropriate quote for my post. WE often just assume people know how we feel. But, even after speaking with someone we still may not have truly communicated.

  4. yeah.. good point touched here. all the nuisances of non-verbal communication are fading away. And to think of them, how much they can mean, how much they can say… wonderful read.. liked it!

  5. Phew! How dyou write like that ? No mediocre there or any where. I love that there is such sensitivity in sentiments expressed here.. It underlines the fact that communication has such a business or otherwise slant to it. Basic genuine friendships seem retard without all the flowery speech, a smile can be read with suspicion, and the beauty of human non verbal language a thing we have forgotten in this electronic era. You touch nerve…

  6. Thank you. Yes, sometimes words fall flat, especially when we don’t always see the follow through. I need more than just words when I have a close connection to someone.

  7. When someone looks at you like that, you feel special. You know it’s genuine. They’re mouth says something different but their eyes never lie.

    Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  8. This is equal parts truth and brilliant. Belated thanks for sharing your perspectives. They resonate, strongly. Curious, why have you stopped posting to your blog? You have warm and helpful insights.

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